Welcome to Phys Med Physical Therapy

For over 30 years, Phys Med’s mission has been clear—provide quality physical therapy that allows patients to return to their prior level of function. We want our patients to achieve independence from health care providers. In the heart of the diverse San Joaquin Valley, we welcome all local residents to our facility. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to work with insurance companies. Our staff is well versed and more than qualified to guide you through the rehabilitation process. If you walk away feeling healthy, our purpose was served.


  • Orthopaedic conditions
  • Neck through lower back-SI (sacro-iliac) conditions
  • Pre and post arthroscopic and open surgery conditions
  • Pre and post-operative total joint replacement surgeries
  • Motor vehicle accident injuries
  • Worker's comp injuries


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Wear loose, comfortable clothing and no jewelry. Arrive about 15 minutes early for some paper work or download the forms and fill them out at home before you come into the clinic. You will meet the physical therapist and be evaluated. A Plan of Care will be developed for you that outlines the treatments tat you will receive based upon your Doctor’s orders and the therapist’s findings. You may start treatment on the same day as your evaluation or you may start treatment on your next appointment.

  A: In most cases, yes. Our friendly office staff will have your insurance coverage details for you prior to making your first appointment. In most cases, you do have a portion to pay (co-pay and/or a deductible) for your care and we will provide you with that amount.

Contact Information

  • 7033 N Fresno St #202
    Fresno, Ca 93720
  • 559-438-4300
  • 559-438-4339