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Welcome to Phys Med Physical Therapy Clinics


For nearly 30 years, Phys Med has been providing the people of the greater Fresno area with exceptional physical therapy care. Phys Med is well know for its warm, friendly, and uncompromising patient services.


Our patient care philosophy has its genesis from the words of Dr. William J. Mayo, of the renowned Mayo Clinic, "The best interest of the patient is the only interest to consider". From this core philosophical sentiment, our patient's needs are addressed with a gentle professionalism by our front office, our back office, and our clinical staff.


Our mission is to provide you with an appropriate Plan of Care that is based upon your doctor's findings and our extremely detailed initial evaluation. Your treatment plan of care is specifically designed for you with the goal of restoring you to your pres-injury physical condition.


Our therapists utilize the most up to date evidence based treatment protocols to achieve your maximal physical restoration. Our treatment plans integrate extensive communication with you. We explain to you all facets of your Plan of Care and encourage you to ask questions as you see fit.


You are given an individualized home treatment plan to augment you sessions at our office. Our goal is to teach you to self-manage your wellness once you are discharged from our services.


Above all, we strive to have your experience at Phys Med to be such that you would not hesitate to return to us for any future physical therapy needs.