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Q: What should I expect on my first appointment?

A: Wear loose, comfortable clothing and no jewelry. Arrive about 15 minutes early for some paper work or download the forms and fill them out at home before you come into the clinic. You will meet the physical therapist and be evaluated. A Plan of Care will be developed for you that outlines the treatments tat you will receive based upon your Doctor's orders and the therapist's findings. You may start treatment on the same day as your evaluation or you may start treatment on your next appointment.


Q: Will my insurance cover my treatment?

A: In most cases, yes. Our friendly office staff will have your insurance coverage details for you prior to making your first appointment. In most cases, you do have a portion to pay (co-pay and/or a deductible) for your care and we will provide you with that amount.


Q: If I can't afford my co-pay or deductible or I did not bring my check book along today, can I still be seen?

A: Yes, of course. We will not alter your care but you are still responsible for your co-pay and we do expect it to be paid on each treatment day.


Q: Can I receive physical therapy care without a doctor's order?

A: Yes, in California, patients are not required to have a referral or a diagnosis in order to be treated by a licensed physical therapist. You can receive our services if you are a cash paying patient, receiving health and wellness services, or your insurance is provided by United Health Care or Medicare. You can receive up to 12 sessions over a 45 (calendar) day period.

Some health insurance companies require you to have a referral in order for us to be paid for our services. Please call the "member services" phone number on the back of your insurance card to see if you need a referral for physical therapy services.


Q: I was sore after my last therapy session. Is that normal?

A: To some extend, yes. It depends on the degree of soreness and your condition. Call your PT with any concerns.


Q: I forgot or missed my appointment - is that OK?

A: Yes and no. Yes when it is an unusual occurrence. We understand that things happen in our daily lives that alter our plans. No if it becomes too frequent. You are occupying a time slot that could be filled by another patient. Please respect that time slot and give us a call so that we have enough time to allow another patient to receive their treatment.

Special note if you are an injured worker receiving treatment - we are legally bound to notify your insurance company of you miss three (3) treatments.


Q: How long will I be treated?

A: In general, the frequency and duration of your treatment is determined by your doctor and can be found on the prescription for physical therapy.

At times, your doctor may leave it up to the physical therapist to decide. In general, patients are seen 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks.


Q: I am not getting any better. Why?

A: Typically, positive results from your treatments occur over time. This is why your doctor orders 6 to 12 treatments and your steady attendance is needed. Patience on your part is key to your recovery. One of the tasks of your PT is to educate you about your injury and its recovery process.