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Daniel Alfaro, MPT


Daniel is a graduate of California State University, Fresno for both his bachelor's degree in Recreation therapy and his master's degree in physical therapy which he received in 2011.

Daniel has recently completed Folsom Physical therapy's long-term course training which is a Norwegian-based treatment philosophy. It focuses on “development of critical thinking, communication and manual skills necessary to provide high quality care” with sound joint function and biomechanics. He has integrated this philosophy, diagnosis and treatment of movement systems into the management of his patients.

Daniel assists individuals in returning to their functional/active lifestyles after injury or surgery using manual techniques, exercise and education of movement. He enjoys working with people of all walks of life including collegiate athletes, weekend warriors, teenage athletes, and geriatric populations. He is an advocate for our patients and is a compassionate practitioner dedicated to seeing his patients recover full optimal function.

He is an active jiu-jitsu competitor and enjoys camping, ice hockey, exercising and staying active with his two kids and wife of 13 years.